About us

Grunt, a social enterprise in the countryside, is a non-profit organization with the status of employment centre, founded with the purpose of employing people with disabilities from the countryside who have less opportunities for employment in the local environment. Experts who provide supervision train people with disabilities to work in workplaces appropriate for their abilities and oversee their full integration into employment life and the development of their professional careers. The work of the Institute is directed towards the creation of positive benefits for the society through the improvement of the individual’s and community’s quality of life.

We sell our products on the premises of the Enterprise and at markets and stands, while our crops and intermediate products are purchased also by local food suppliers. Our buyers can choose from a variety of pickled and processed vegetables and fruit, marmalades, jams, pasta, milk and dairy products, and much more.

We are also working on the development of our own brand which will include the purchase and processing of the crops from the Zadrgal Farm and other interested farmers from Komenda and its surroundings.

In its work, the Grunt is independent and autonomous. Even though it is a non-profit organization, it follows entrepreneurial principles. Its funds are managed economically, while all its income is returned to its basic activity, thus enabling its own development and the creation of new jobs.

The founders of the Grunt social enterprise are Matija Zadrgal, a farmer and the owner of the Zadrgal Farm, and Peter Svetina, special pedagogue and an expert in training and employing people with disabilities.

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